The Easy Way to Select Healthier Building Products

Informed™ is HBN’s new online materials modeling tool that makes it simple to choose healthier building products.

Informed™ is backed by HBN’s decades of research on the health impacts of chemicals in building products across their life cycle and uses a simple color-based system to rank product types.

The Informed™ Product Explorer helps you find product material health information in minutes - not hours.

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Image of the Informed Product Explorer, showing high level color ratings for product categories

Assess the Health of Your Project

Data is power. The Informed™ Project Assessment Form enables users to generate and visualize building product data in ways that were previously not possible.

Informed™ allows your team to:

  • Identify chemical hotspots in your projects and across your portfolio
  • Create benchmarks
  • Set goals
  • Illustrate findings for stakeholders.

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Image of one page of the Informed Assessment Form, showing the percentage of products in each category and overall that meet the criteria of 'yellow and above', 'orange and below', 'multiple rankings,' and 'undetermined.'
Stock image of skyscrapers in New York City

2.5 trillion square feet by 2060

We are projected to add an entire New York City to the planet every 34 days for the next 40 years if we maintain our current rate of construction.

Informed™ helps build a healthier planet by taking toxic chemicals out of the equation.

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